Deleting a Candidate File

A user type permission grants users access to this feature.

  1. Enter the name of the candidate in the search widget.
  2. In the Quick Search Results list, select a candidate file.
  3. In the More Actions list, select Delete Candidate.
  4. Click Yes to confirm the deletion.

The candidate file is permanently removed form the database.

Note that candidates who were involved in any Taleo Transitions process that has not been deleted first in Taleo Transitions will not be deleted. Taleo Transitions has its own automated task to delete older completed and canceled processes. If that task is run and no processes associated with a candidate remain, then the candidate can be deleted afterward using one of the Taleo Recruiting deletion methods.

Note that it is impossible to delete an employee file (as opposed to a candidate file) in Taleo Recruiting. This is by design. For example, it is impossible to delete candidates whose file contains a hiring manager, Organization, Location or Job Field (OLF), photo, etc.